100 international fashion designers – from Singapore to Bangladesh, Germany, the UK – will design the garments for the audience of DAZZLE, a mixed reality performance space. Every visitor will be given a garment when entering the exhibition ––– The first step to a fully immersive experience is to dress up.

What are the DAZZLE CODESIGN rules?

If you want to join the Dazzle Collective, you need to design and produce one garment to be worn in the Dazzle exhibition. These are the rules you'll have to follow.

0 Zero Waste pattern cut principle.
1 One size fits all.
2 One piece per designer.
3 One tutorial with the DAZZLE team.
4 One selection process.
5 One chance to shine.
6 One open source pattern to be featured online.
7 One platform for international exchange and showcase.
8 Two meter printed fabric for creation.
9 Two free tickets.
10 Three weeks time for prototyping.
11 Three weeks time for garment creation.
12 Four….. Everyone.
15 Five Continents.
16 One Hundred Garments. One Hundred Designers. One collection.