Perrot Jacket Lydia Kok


“Looking at the vibrant history of dance halls and their moral impact on young people,
Pierrot celebrates freedom of expression with a fun and whimsical touch. Dance
halls were a weekly fixture during that time, representing an escape from the
monotony of daily life. The silhouette of my garment is inspired by the vintage Pierrot
clown’s oversized and ruffled costumes from the 1900s, mimicking their stage
performances, they are considered to be witty, playful and charming characters.
Using rectangular shapes as a zero waste cutting method to design Pierrot, the
fabric 2.5m by 1.37m is fully utilised. The ruffles and surface embellishments are
applied using excess fabrics to encourage movements on the garment. Feel free to
let loose and shimmy along with Pierrot!” – Lydia

Lydia Kok wearing Pierrot